Marujun’s vision is “Make Our Dreams by Technology” and aims for sustainable growth by contributing to resolving social issues through original technologies that the world needs.


We were registered as a 「Gifu SDGs Promotion Silver Partner」 on November 9 2023, working together with Gifu Prefecture to achieve the SDGs. We will continue to promote "sustainability management" in order to contribute to a sustainable society.

Given calls for carbon neutrality and other demands of the times, we are not only working to make our manufacturing activities more environmentally friendly, but also contributing to reducing the impact on the global environment by making products lighter, more durable, and higher-performance.
We are pursuing social contributions through our business, such as our super high-tensile processing technologies that improve vehicle collision safety. At the same time, we promote partnerships among industry, government, and academia and endeavor to enhance employee satisfaction.
Marujun strives for compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and is building a highly transparent governance system through such activities as the adoption of a delegated executive officer system and a performance-linked compensation system.