J-MAX’s Philosophy
We have a clearly stated Corporate Philosophy,
Corporate Motto, and Code of Conduct.

Corporate Philosophy

By refining our engineering capabilities to supply excellent products that meet customer needs, we will aim to create satisfaction and happiness among employees, customers, and local communities.

Corporate Motto

Management Policy
Our aims:

  • To be a company where employees
    can pursue their dreams and find fulfillment.
  • To be a company that is trusted and needed by customers.
  • To be a company that contributes to local communities.
  • To be a company that meets the expectations of shareholders.

Core Behaviors

Speedy Action & Ken-Chi-Do-Ko
(Health, Knowledge, Work, and Achievement)

Quickly do what is good and right. Immediately stop doing what is wrong or mistaken. Great results come from taking care of one’s health and working with ingenuity.