Manufacturing technology

J-MAX is aggressively mechanizing and automating what machines can do to boost manufacturing efficiency and to focus on manufacturing better products by taking advantage of its employees’ wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

Manufacturing products and parts that our customers want is a given. J-MAX’s manufacturing policy is to pursue what we can do now for the future and constantly take on the challenges of cutting-edge technologies.

Press material insertion equipment(robot destacker)

A so-called destacker device set with multiple vacuum pads was previously used for inserting materials in a transfer press. Our newly introduced 300t TRF press instead uses a robot and image processing technology to create a versatile and adaptable yet simply structured line that is also shorter in length.

Automated nut welding line(merry-go-round)

An automated nut attaching line specialized in attaching small nuts. Automation is achieved by rotating products with an apparatus and combining image recognition with robot picking.

High-efficiency nut welding line (KKN)

An automated nut welding line for relatively large parts. Robots automate picking, nut welding, and palletizing of stacked products.

High-efficiency spot welding line (KKS)

An automated line for spot welding and nut welding. In this line, robots transport set products for automated spot welding, net welding, and palletizing. Unlike conventional welding lines, removal tasks done by operators are eliminated, thus improving manufacturing efficiency.

Space-saving general-purpose welding line

Greater efficiency through space-saving. This general-purpose welding line aims for the optimal balance between human and machine work. We build efficient lines by deploying small robots, slimmer welding guns, and peripheral equipment that remove the negatives inherent in compact designs.