Longer-term Business Plan

J-MAX has formulated the following longer-term, five-year vision and business plan for the period starting in the fiscal year ended March 2019 (FY3/2019 – FY3/2023).

Longer-term Vision
(FY3/2019 – FY3/2023)

- Make Our Dreams by Technology

We am to strengthen our competitive foundations and financial standing by contributing to our customers with our dominating technologies in the fields of making vehicles lightweight and electrified.

  • 1. Strengthen financial standing by maximizing synergies from the alliance with Topre Corporation.
  • 2. Strengthen and expand our global dye business
  • 3. Boost competitiveness in super high tensile technology
  • 4. Expand orders of electrification-related parts
  • 5. Rebuild and systematize the management method (visualization) of all operations
  • 6. Turn human resources into human assets

・Operating profit margin 9% or higher
・Equity ratio 40% or higher

Longer-term Business Strategy

・To strengthen its financial standing, J-MAX will work to expand its shareholders’ equity through a proactive capital policy that includes fortifying the competitiveness of its core businesses, expanding sales in its strategic businesses, and taking on the challenges of high-tier stock markets.

・In our core business of automotive body parts, we are expanding our orders and enhancing our competitiveness in Japan and Asia through our alliance with Topre Corporation. In particular, we are accelerating mass production of super high tensile parts to solidify our position as the global leader in super high tensile technology.

・We have positioned dyes and electrification parts as strategic businesses and are aiming for dramatic sales expansion over the next five years through intensive technological innovation and M&A, with a focus on Japan and China.

Longer-term Management Plan

Revenue plan

Cash Balance and Investment Plan